Bag Filling Machine

11/10/2018 07:05 #1

This is automatic form fill seal machine with 1 lane, suitable for pillow bag,gusset bag, 3 sided seal bag, 4sided seal bag ,different bag width by changing the forming tube to get desirable finished bag as you want! The form fill seal machine adopt touch screen, dynamic display screen operation, servo drive film feeding system. Easy to operate.

Type DHG480 DHG580 DHG720 DHG1020
Packing Bag Type Pillow Bag,Gusset Bag
Bag Making Width 100-230mm 100-260mm 100-350mm 200-500mm
Bag Making Length 80-310mm 100-350mm 100-500mm 200-600mm
Max.Film Width 480mm 580mm 720mm 1020mm
Packing Speed 10-100bags/min 15-80bags/min 10-50bags/min 2-20bags/min
Machine Weight 450kg 500kg 650kg 700kg

Sample Pictures
Bag Filling Machine